R31-5.5x3.6170-110cm Azilal Rug

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Azilal Rug

Originally, these Rugs were used as bedspreads or blankets and not decorative floor coverings, mostly given as a wedding gift to the bride. They formed a way for the Berber people to keep warm in the harsh atmosphere of the Atlas Mountains. 

This is the chance to get your own masterpiece of Art for an amazing interior.

Azilal rug is unique in its own design and color. Unlike mass produced alternatives, each rug is truly distinct and durable over time.
The Berbers carefully preserve their heritage of technique and knowledge passing down messages in wool from one generation to another. While preserving history, the elemental nature of Berber weaving is an execution of pure instinct. Weaving is not only an inherent rite of passage, but also an act of expression. The women that create these works have a story to tell. While some rugs document a personal experience, other weavings carry a more ancestral message passed down over time. Many of the artists artisans weave their tales organically, while others intentionally channel inherited knowledge into the rug. The life rituals of the Berber women, including fertility, birth, and the protective role of men, are narrated in an abstract form. It is pure coincidence that the Berber carpets, with their simplistic form and geometric purity, appear modern to the Western eye.

Please feel free to inquire about making the same rug in different size , dsign or color combinations send us image or link of the rug you want to replicate , Will answer you asap