R71- 5.5x3.2ft Handmade Berber Moroccan Rug Hand embrodery

£745.00 Regular Price
£447.00Sale Price

R71- 6x4 ft Handmade Berber Moroccan Camel Hair Rug Hand embrodery


Made from Camel and sheep wool, Glaoui rugs are known and valued by the complexity of their making. In fact, they combine three techniques of weaving: the kilim, knotted stitch and embroidery in relief. Kilim rugs are woven flat; the rendering is soft and lightweight. This technique is different than knotted which gives a velvety and soft mat. These rugs are made entirely by hand by the Berber women in the Ouarzazate region. Wool is dyed with natural dyes only. This rug will fit easily in your home with a touch of warmth and authentic. It can also be used in wall hanging.


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